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Wed Jan 28 16:15:39 PST 2004

Well, this is just an email to prove just how wacky my family actually is.
    We have 2 kittens, each in about their "teen" years, ( about 6 months). 
Both of thses kittens nursed off of their mother for a very long time, we 
thought it was too long. Well recently, one of the kittens has been nursing off of 
the DOG. As if that isnt weird enough, the dog has never had puppies, is not 
pregnant, and IS lactating!!! ( I have pictures to prove it).  We have just 
recently discovered this, and the dog now has the most confused looks on her 
face. We do thing that the cat was trying to nurse from the male dog, but I think 
his attempts were futile!!

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