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Wed Jun 2 08:45:00 PDT 2004

  As a veteran i must speak out on this.We had women soldiers in the first 
persian gulf war,and they did just fine.they were every bit as good as the 
male soldiers.In fact we have had women in combat zones in our country for 
as long as we have been fighting wars.in the gulf we had women in combat 
roles assigned to combat units.time to earn your pay i say.equal rights? i 
agree,but do equal work.risk my life for our way of life ? of course,all 
over again if need be.be robbed of my right and duty to protect and defend 
my way of life and to bring freedom to less fortunate countries because i am 
female?HELL NO!!!!!!........once that little enlistment contract is 
signed,the choice has been made.you cant say i wont go where you send 
me.When each of us enlists in the honorable profession of arms,we agree ,nay 
SWEAR,to go where our leaders feel we are needed,to sit on a spot of 
desert,a mountain top,a very nice city,and yes (HEAVEN FORBID!!!) into 
hostile areas to fight,protect,and if necessary die for our country.
   Now on to the draft.if you dont agree with it.write your congressman.call 
him if need be,organize a petition of his constituents that are against the 
draft.as for drafting women? i say go for it.if you draft men,and equal 
rights are what we are shooting for,why not draft women as well............
    Nowq on to the important stuff,politics of the real world really 
shouldnt be on an SCA mailing list,as any religion from the real 
world...........nuff said

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>Subject: [Namron] RE: [SCA-newbie] OT: Pending Draft Legislation 
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>Please read this link, also:
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>Subject: [SCA-newbie] OT: Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 
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>Okay...This is serious. I'm not trying to be some
>hippie here and protest this because I live in my own
>little idyllic fantasy world. I just think that the
>provisions that are being set forth here aren't that
>well thought through. They're talking about sending
>women over there, not, in the least a good idea! And
>our young collegite minds are no longer exempt from
>being sent over, with out a choice, to fight and die
>for the USA! Don't get me wrong, I love this country
>and I'm even planning on entering the Air Force as a
>linguist after I graduate, and partcipate in ROTC as
>well. I have friends and family that this would
>greatly effect, it's my choice to serve or not to
>serve. A choice that, as an American, I greatly
>Here's the link to the bill:
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