[Namron] OT: Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005

a a princeisabitteroldman at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 3 15:32:51 PDT 2004

My position on this topic is a simple one:If we need a
military to serve us then everyone should be obligated
to serve.A "professional" military is useful;it also
tends to lose touch with the rest of the country if
the rest of the country isn't called to serve.A fair
draft system would share the burden with all American
citizens.Both the "professionals" and the draftees
grow from the experience of serving together.Of
let me make clear that I advocate a draft that doesn't
let the rich kids avoid it;that may be something that
the politicians won't get right.I don't think that
either major party is likely to back my kind of draft
laws.I'm for national service,too....I think almost
everyone has the capacity to serve in some way.
 I'm not going to say much about the subject of
drafting women except to point out that there have
been some excellent female warriors,notably in the
Soviet Union during World War II.I have no doubt that
women have great abilities which can be used in our
country's service but I'm not sure in what capacity
they should be used.I'll leave that discussion for
others except to say that those who CAN qualify for a
job should be allowed to do so.I don't like having
double standards;if pushups are an important
qualification for men then I think they're important
qualifications for women though I say the PHYSICAL
qualifications for infantry probably shouldn't be the
same as for a clerk/typist{even recognizing that
clerk/typist CAN end up in combat sometimes}
 This country should strive to offer equal
opportunities;it should also strive just as hard to
demand equal responsibilities.The closer we get to
that ideal the better country we'll be.
           Chris Bryant
           A.K.A. Edward de la Pole

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