[Namron] Bonfire of the Willies

Cellach Ferguson cellach at breezykilt.com
Tue Jun 8 21:56:05 PDT 2004

Once again, the light of a million skies is begging to be unleashed. 
The very fabric of what is right and true is pleading to be shorn.  

In his deepest desire to serve the Gods from whatever clan of of
obviously hedonistic Swiss hordes he hails, Willy will bring forth

In addition, Grainne's Groszeltern sind eingeladen.  (Dat meeens
Grainne's grandfolks is gunna be thar).

So, as a consequence thereof, we'd better have a party.  Let us do it
this very Saturday night.  At my house, we'll drink and drink... and
drink.  If anyone feels amenable, the grill will be both here and
available for use.

A map to my house is available.  Just email/call/smoke signal.

If you, like Donnchadh, have any questions (such as, are you wearing a
thong and is it red?), or simply possess a general comment regarding the
plight of the Peruvian goose, please call the coordinator of the above
mentioned activities, Grainne @ 307-9279.

A berated and much maligned,
cellach at breezykilt.com

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