[Namron] Bonfire of the Willies

Epperson, Sheryl EppersS at oge.com
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I'll let Cellach or Annais send directions.  As for the rest, last year
it was usually all age groups, from birth on up.  Drinks and food are
pretty much pot-luck.  Bring what you want, and bring some to share if
you wish.  I'm not sure what I'll be baking, it depends on when the
bench-making session starts, and how long it lasts.

My question is:  Is this to be in garb or not?  How much does Grainne
wish her grandparents confused?


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Sounds like fun!  Can you send us directions/map? 
We're coming from the south up I35.

Also, age group limits?  And will there be liquid
refreshment for designated drivers and the underaged?

Many thanks...



Samarrah bint Annaan [-o<

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