[Namron] Bonfire of the Willies

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If you're going to have a Bonfire ala Willie you had better call the fire


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> Once again, the light of a million skies is begging to be unleashed.
> The very fabric of what is right and true is pleading to be shorn.
> In his deepest desire to serve the Gods from whatever clan of of
> obviously hedonistic Swiss hordes he hails, Willy will bring forth
> flame.
> In addition, Grainne's Groszeltern sind eingeladen.  (Dat meeens
> Grainne's grandfolks is gunna be thar).
> So, as a consequence thereof, we'd better have a party.  Let us do it
> this very Saturday night.  At my house, we'll drink and drink... and
> drink.  If anyone feels amenable, the grill will be both here and
> available for use.
> A map to my house is available.  Just email/call/smoke signal.
> If you, like Donnchadh, have any questions (such as, are you wearing a
> thong and is it red?), or simply possess a general comment regarding the
> plight of the Peruvian goose, please call the coordinator of the above
> mentioned activities, Grainne @ 307-9279.
> A berated and much maligned,
> Cellach
> cellach at breezykilt.com
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