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On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 08:14:41PM -0500, marc adkins wrote:
> Please remeber that her grandparents do not speak english just German so the
> stranger/crazier we get the harder (maybe) it will be to translate?  Would
> someplease(Graine) post simple phrases in German i.e. hello goodbye beer
> etc?  Agnes

Guten Tag//Morgen/Abend = "Good day/morning/evening"

Wie geht es ihnen heute Tag/Morgen/Abend[1] = "How are you today/this morning/this evening?"
[1] Pronounced "Vee gayt ehs eehnen hoyteh tahg/morgen/ahbend"

Bei mir geht es ganz gut[2] = "Everything's fine"
[2] Pronounced "buy meer gayt ehs gahnts goot"

Es regnet zu viel[3] = "it rains too much"
[3] Pronounced "ess rehg-net tsoo feel"

Bier = "beer", and they sound the same. 

and so on. 

There are some good German phrase books in the bookstores, and the 
equivalents on the Web. 

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