[Namron] Bonfire of the Willies

Gràinne inghean Meadhbh calinrua at postmaster.co.uk
Thu Jun 10 18:07:41 PDT 2004

Actually, this whole thing is more amusing than alarming. My grandmother can say "How many armchairs do you have in your living room?" and similar phrases. However, for those that really want to try:
Guten Tag (good day)
Guten Abend (good evening)
Bier (beer)
Otherwise, I have to say that I haven't got proper e-mail access at this time, and have only received these messages thanks to Cellach's most generous gesture (he actually let me use his computer!) If anyone needs to contact me, do it at 3079279.

Grainne (who did much of the berating and maligning)

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 20:14:41 -0500 , "marc adkins" <winkleried at oecadvantage.net>  wrote:
>Please remeber that her grandparents do not speak english just German so the
>stranger/crazier we get the harder (maybe) it will be to translate?  Would
>someplease(Graine) post simple phrases in German i.e. hello goodbye beer
>etc?  Agnes

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