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Thu Jun 10 20:32:19 PDT 2004

Complaining at high volume that someone should encumber themselves with
the responsibility of telling you how the office of Knight's Marshal
operates within Ansteorra is utterly unhelpful.  If you wish to learn
the answer to that question, you should do your homework like everyone
else.  I'll do part of it for you, the rest is to be accomplished at
your leisure.

Go to the following link and choose "Manuals and Reference".  There, you
will find links that may answer your question.


If you have an issue with Knight's Marshal's business, I'd suggest you
contact your upline directly.  Attempts to publicly shame him into an
action that benefits only you is decidedly juvenile.  

In trying to chastise the Baronial Knight's Marshal publicly, you've
achieved only the opposite.  The purpose of the Barony is not to suffer
some compulsory burden of providing you with information.  Rather, your
apparent unwillingness to actually work for the answers to your
questions is your very own personal malady.

The good people of Namron are more than glad to help those who ask. 
They are not, however, inherently responsive to impulsive demands. 


On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 21:15, Duncan MacNamara wrote:
> Greetings.
> I want to know who from the barony is supposed to send fighter practice 
> waviers in to the wavier secrtary? I am tired of getting blamed for not 
> turning in my paperwork when that's usually the only reason I go out of my 
> way to come to populace meeting on the first populace meeting of the month.
> If I was supposed to be mailing the waiviers to the wavier secretary myself, 
> I want to know why I wasn't told when I asked who all gets what parts of my 
> paperwork, and I want to know now.
> thank you.
> Lord Duncan MacNamara
> Knight's Marshal - Skarrgard
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