[Namron] Bonfire of the Willies

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I would absolutely love some of the currants.  My husband is from Ohio and
apparently they have currants on a regular basis there.  His grandmother
used to make currant jelly every year.  Well, last Christmas, we opened the
last jar of her currant jelly (as she has gone on).  I would love to
surprise him with some homemade currant jelly.



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Thanks for having us out on Saturday.  We all had a good time.  Sorry to
have to leave so early, but Bill/Raouda  was worn out from working all day
and we had a long ride home. Heather/Michaella fell asleep in the car right
after we left. LOL.


Bill/Rauoda would like to offer our place for some event/revel in the near
future.  I know we have the baronial swimfest coming up in August and
everyone's working towards AAA right now, but perhaps something in the fall.
We've got plenty of room for camping and a pond for swimming, fishing,
canoing...just a thought.


I've also heard that my pear tree might be of some interest to certain
members of the barony...would anyone have need of currents or sand plums as
well?  I've got a couple of apricot trees as well.


Anyways, just wanted to thank you, again, for having us out to your place.
It was nice to get away. Just don't forget to bring my blankets to populous
on tuesday


Talk to you soon.


God be with you in every pass. Jesus be with you on every hill. Spirit be
with you in every stream, headland, ridge and law, each sea and land, each
moor and meadow, lying down and rising up, in the trough of the waves or on
the crest of the billow. Each step of the journey you go, go with God.
Samarrah bint Annaan


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