[Namron] Fighters Card and quick favor

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Wed Jun 16 19:08:56 PDT 2004

There is alos a practice in Wiesenfeuer, as well as people who can hel show 
you how to make armor, etc.

HL Aldric de Kerr

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>It might help to get your own weapons and armor first, then worry about 
>authorization .
>The Regional Knights Marshal currently lives in this barony and attends our 
>fighter practice at Reeves Park on Sunday at 2:00pm.
>Other than that you could try the practices at Stillwater (Moonshadowe) or 
>Tulsa (Northkeep)
>Lord Wilhelm von Winkleried
>Knights Marshal, Barony of Namron
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>   Subject: [Namron] Fighters Card and quick favor
>   Hello everyone,
>   This is Ulric Velkner(aka Brad Armstrong),  I was wondering who do I 
>contact about
>   getting my fighter card. I have been reloacted to my parents home in 
>Bartlesville for the
>   summer and will probably need to schedule a time to try for my 
>ceritification.  Plus I
>   currently don't have any armor or weapons so can I borrow some for the 
>trial.  Also, would someone also see if there will be a fighter practice on 
>June 23 out at Ace's.  I will be in town that wed. and thurs. and will come 
>out to practice if there is one.
>   Thanks to all,
>   Ulric
>   P.S.  I will be back in norman around August 20th for the next round of 
>school.  Till then good luck to all
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