[Namron] I'm falling apart!

Samarrah bint Annaan samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 20 08:07:11 PDT 2004

You're more than welcome!  I wish I had felt better able to run around in the forest with you guys, but at least I now know what my problem is.  I'm supposed to get a call from the neorosurgeon soon and I'll know more after that.  Until then, I have my dad's old cane and it's helping me get around short distances, but I'm amazed at how weak I've become.  I'm not used to having my energy or motion restrained like this...it's driving me BONKERS!!
I still want to go ahead with the baronial swimfest in August and would like to plan some sort of bonfire/revel at the farm.  Even if it turns out I need surgery, I'll be stuck out here alone in the boondocks and, being the social creature that I am, will definately need visits from friends and family.  I'll jsut keep everyone posted as thing progress and we'll go from there.
Talk to you soon!

God be with you in every pass. Jesus be with you on every hill. Spirit be with you in every stream, headland, ridge and law, each seaand land, each moor and meadow, lying down and rising up, in the troughof the waves or on the crest of the billow. Each step of the journey yougo, go with God.Samarrah bint Annaan
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