[Namron] I'm falling apart!

marc adkins winkleried at oecadvantage.net
Sun Jun 20 21:37:40 PDT 2004

We can arrange it. Swing on by but let me know what your schedule is. I happen to work full time and carry a full graduate load at the same time.
Friday afternoons are good if I don't have a meeting then.
Ld. Wilhelm
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  Ooooo, a walking staff...could be even cooler than a cane...ya think?

  God be with you in every pass. Jesus be with you on every hill. Spirit be with you in every stream, headland, ridge and law, each sea and land, each moor and meadow, lying down and rising up, in the trough of the waves or on the crest of the billow. Each step of the journey you go, go with God.

   Samarrah bint Annaan
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