[Namron] AAA Transport, etc.

Tadhg tadhg at ou.edu
Tue Jun 29 07:33:08 PDT 2004


Due to the extraordinary rental cost of a truck, we will be renting a 6' x
12' trailer instead. Between this and the other trailers available, we
should be able to get all the trappings of the Tavern to AAA and back.

Unfortunately, this will preclude transport of any material other than that
used for the Tavern itself.

I know Terric indicated a few meetings back that there would be extra space
available in a large moving van...but the expense is simply too great.

Again, I would like anyone having window unit A/C, box fans, lamps, portable
holes, or tiki torches, which can be used by the Barony for the Tavern, to
please contact me at tadhg at ou.edu.


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