[Namron] St. Michael's Episcopalians

Isobel de Kirkbryde kirkbryde at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 06:13:46 PST 2004

This is the church I attend and my husband and I plan
to be at there.  I cannot serve tables as my back just
won't allow that much standing.  If there is anything
I can do ahead of time to help prepare, I will be
delighted to do so.  

--- Gràinne inghean  Meadhbh
<calinrua at postmaster.co.uk> wrote:

> As many of you know, St. Michael's Episcopalian
> Church has asked us to help them out with some
> 'entertainment'. This would involve Middle Eastern
> dancing, Bards, fighters, and drummers. This is a
> fund-raiser for their choir, and would involve a
> medeival banquet, something in the style of Medieval
> Games or similar. They are also looking for
> volunteers to be servers. Many of us know well how
> to do that. Now, for the part you maybe didn't know.
> St. Michael's is located on the south side of HW 9
> and Imhoff in Norman. Their event is on Sunday,
> November 7, at about 5:30, lasting just a few hours.
> They could really use our help with this, in any way
> you can participate. The only request is, this is a
> church, so keep it suitable for mundanes. This
> includes garb (this coming from your own
> hospitaler...) and song subjects.
> Please contact me at calinrua at postmaster.co.uk or
> 405 307 9279 at any time. You can contact Suzanne
> (the coordinator) at 447-7208, before 10. 
> Thanks for anything you can help me with!
> Gràinne inghean Meadhbh
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