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We plan on being there.  Let us know tomorrow at Populace meeting what you would like us to do.


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As many of you know, St. Michael's Episcopalian Church has asked us to help them out with some 'entertainment'. This would involve Middle Eastern dancing, Bards, fighters, and drummers. This is a fund-raiser for their choir, and would involve a medeival banquet, something in the style of Medieval Games or similar. They are also looking for volunteers to be servers. Many of us know well how to do that. Now, for the part you maybe didn't know. St. Michael's is located on the south side of HW 9 and Imhoff in Norman. Their event is on Sunday, November 7, at about 5:30, lasting just a few hours. They could really use our help with this, in any way you can participate. The only request is, this is a church, so keep it suitable for mundanes. This includes garb (this coming from your own hospitaler...) and song subjects. Please contact me at calinrua at postmaster.co.uk or 405 307 9279 at any time. You can contact Suzanne (the coordinator) at 447-7208, before 10. 
Thanks for anything you can help me with!
Gràinne inghean Meadhbh
Namron Hospitaler

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