[Namron] An Invitation to Name Our Trebuchet

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Wed Nov 3 20:38:23 PST 2004

The Namron War Works is now busy designing and building a rather hefty Trebuchet that will be used for both for combat and demonstration (just how far can a honey dew fly?).  As of now, this engine is known merely as "Frame 003," following the tradition of classic British ship building when majestic liners started their life as simple Hull numbers (e.g. Hull 534 eventually becomes Queen Mary).  And at the directive of Lord Aldric, our Kingdom Siege Marshal, "003" may likely become a pattern for similar machines that may be built across our Kingdom.

Medieval engine crews were proud of their creations and gave them names.  Imagine looking over your castle walls to see Bad Neighbor or Bull Slinger waiting for you.  During the Hundred Years War the French built a massive Trebuchet named Cabulus the Great Horse Catapult to convince the English they didn't need to be occupying Chateau Gaillard.

Namron's engine needs such a name; a name we can be proud of and a name that will inflict fear in our enemies when they see us coming.  

And we want YOU to help.  We invite each and every member of Namron and Skarrgard to submit ONE name for consideration.  

And to make this more interesting, on behalf of the Namron War Works, I will announce the winning name at the first Populace meeting in December and award a $20 gift card from McAlister's Deli in Norman to the winner.

Simply write down your suggestion, along with your name (mundane and persona) and bring them to the next Pop meeting in November.  OR, e-mail them to wolfgangvonsachsenhausen at yahoo.com

Be creative!  Be colorful!  Be historic (hysteric?)!  Give us a name Namron can be proud of!

In Service
Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen

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