[Namron] Origins of Our Trebuchet Design-A Question From Annabelle

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um,,wolfie,,ya forgot something,,did you not remember you are now 

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>Subject: [Namron] Origins of Our Trebuchet Design-A Question From Annabelle
>Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 15:25:18 -0600
>Annabelle brought up a very good point when she asked if our Trebuchet is
>based on French, English or some other design.  We came up with a "generic"
>design that should actually be at home on just about any Medieval
>battlefield where Trebuchets may have been used.
>Here's a "30 second history lesson" that may be helpful.  Gravity powered
>throwing engines were invented by the Chinese very early in the First
>Millenium and by about 1000 AD, had migrated to the Middle East.  There,
>they were discovered by the Crusaders who brought the designs to Europe, 
>somewhere along the way, the name "Trebuchet" was given to these efficient
>machines of destruction.  By the 1300s, engineers throughout Europe were
>developing bigger and better Trebuchets.  But, beginning in about 1400,
>these mighty engines of war gradually faded into history as gunpowder
>weapons were perfected.
>Now keep in mind although "003" is being designed and built in Namron, she
>will also represent all of Ansteorra.
>In Service
>Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen
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