[Namron] MIssing everyone & everything.

Lee McGoodwin etienett at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 6 12:32:57 PST 2004

My Barony,

With my new work schedule (2:30pm to 11pm Sun-Thurs) I
am missing all our evening meetings and am limited as
to what events I can get to.

I'm lost and out of the loop.  Help keep me up on the
latest news, fun gossip (don't like the negative
damaging kind), activities, latest faux pas by
whomever, etc.

Oh, and if anyone is really good (and patient) at
organizing (like on "Clean Sweep), I could use some
help moving my sewing stuff into my sewing room and
out of the computer/office room.  Believe me, when it
comes to organizing and purging, I need HELP!!!

Love and miss you all,

No light shines on the mind protected
No light shines on the fangs neglected
Run with the wolfpack.      (song lyrics)

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