[Namron] veteran's day parade

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 8 23:33:32 PST 2004

  Greetings All,
      We have been invited to participate in a Veteran's Day Parade in 
Shawnee,on Thursday,11nov04.
  We need to be in the staging area at main and beard streets by 130pm AT 
THE LATEST.We will have to the oppurtunity to fight etc etc on television 
for a little while as well.they only gave us two minutes during the parade 
to fight,one of those minutes will be broadcast by the 3 major tv stations 
in OKC.the other minute will be for the corwd somewhere along the parade 
       We have been asked to wear our best garb for the parade.We need at 
least four fighters if possible,a few ladies to escort and maybe some belly 
dancers to dance along the way as well(and yes i know belly dancers are 
ladies too..lol.
        Skarrgard will be making a banner that will either say: Warriors of 
Skarrgard salute the warriors of WWII..or the Warriors of the SCA salute the 
Warriors of WWII as per the request of the parade organizer.which one we use 
depends on the answer i get from the namron seneschal as to which one is 
preferable/legal according to corpora as  i have no idea.
           so if you can possibly come out,please do.any and all help will 
be much appreciated.If you can't make it,thank you anyway for at least 
considering it.
          any of you that have other lists you are on,could you please 
cross-post this for us.if you have any questions or would like to let me 
know for sure if you can make it,please call me at 386-2653,it is a local 
call.thank you in advance.
                            In Service to the Dream,
                               Lord Halldor the Mad Jester
                               Seneschal,Incipient Canton of Skarrgard

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