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Gràinne inghean Meadhbh calinrua at postmaster.co.uk
Sat Nov 20 21:48:00 PST 2004

I think this gentleman would like me to forward this... It's short article, but might be of interest, and it was nice of him to think of us.

Gràinne inghean Meadhbh
Namron Hospitaler

>A new non-fiction book about the SCA has just been released. It includes a 
>large chapter on Gulf Wars.
>As an officer in your local group, I hope you will pass the word on to your 
>The Knights Next Door: Everyday People Living Middle Ages Dreams is a 
>first-person travelogue through the Known World, combining profiles of members, the 
>story of a young fighter's bid for Knighthood and the Crown and my attempts as 
>a total-mundane newcomer (reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper) 
>to make sense of the modern medieval world.
>The Knights Next Door is available in hardcover and paperback. Details are at 
>For the book, I interviewed many of the leaders of the Society, ranging from 
>Pennsic autocrats to multiple Crown winners to Society "founder" Diana 
>Listmaker. A more complete list is on the web site.
>I hope the result will be helpful to newcomers and veterans alike. Most of 
>all, I hope it does this Society and its members justice.
>- Patrick O'Donnell/Mael Patraic mac Domnaill
>Cleveland, OH/Barony of the Cleftlands, Midrealm

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