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liz wilkerson thevintagefloozy at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 22 19:51:36 PST 2004

God help you all - there are now 2 Scadians with keys at the southside Hancocks store. One is yours truly, la Beaux. The other is Annais, AKA Nai-nai the Wonder Squirrel. I now own Nai nai lock stock and barrel, poor child -I'm working her like a borrowed mule.  Neither one of us will be good for anything for a few more weeks till we get a backlog of "stuff" polite terminology of course, taken care of. 

Here's a poll for you:

I'm getting to a point where the DM will give me a bit of leeway in what I stock. If I can prove to her that things will sell at my store, I can stock it. SO, fellow Scadians - here's your chance. What do you -need- at a fabric store? What do you want? Be specific and give examples. More info is better than less. Reply offlist to me and I'll compile and go to the DM and make my case. 

 Now bear in mind that I am not going to be able to have wool for 2 dollars a yard year round folks. If you want -good- stuff, its going to cost a bit. I'll do everything I can to get you good prices on things, but I will not order crap just because its cheap. Tell me what you need and I can find it for you. Just dont yell at me if its not as cheap as you want it. That I cant control. I cant be at events to run gate and cook ( not that you'd WANT me to cook!) but I CAN do this for my fellow Scadians. Hancocks has taken over most of my life... gotta find a way to get to play somehow!

If you want suggestions on what "mundane" fabrics you can get away with making garb out of - I'm as close to an expert in faking it with mundane stuff as there can be. I know everything I've got in that store and I can tell you what the others have as well. If you've questions about anything, call me or come by and ask!  Nai nai has been there only 10 days but she's already getting the hang of it. If there is sufficient interest, I'll teach a class on basic embroidery and hand quilting, even teach a t tunic class. I just need to know what you all want and need. 

PS- I've got 3 more cases of upholstery and drapery remnants coming. The last few Ive gotten have been -full- of good stuff for middle eastern, mid and late period wear. Have some stuff in my 1/2/3.99 fasion rows that would make killer early period stuff.  Just ask the Troll :)

In short - beaux is lonely! Come see me since I cant leave the fripping store! Just say no to ucky garb! Nai nai and I are having a blast, come hang out with us.


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