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MessageWe twould be interested but we would need a tad of notice before hand so we could prepare for the trip and such 

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  Is there any interest in having a class on inkle weaving in the next couple of months?  Please let either Lady Meraud (our A&S officer) or myself know so that we can figure out a time for a class.

  For those who don't know what inkle weaving is, it is a method of weaving narrow bands to use for trim, belts, etc., basically anything you might want a narrow band of cloth for.  The commonly used frame for inkle weaving is not documentable to within the SCA time frame that I know of, but the end result of the weaving is.

  Unless an interest is shown, I won't hold a class.  So far, I have 3 people who have expressed an interest, and I will get with them to teach them even if I don't do a full class.



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