[Namron] Crown Tournament

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Sun Oct 2 00:23:35 PDT 2005

Thank you, Master FitzBubba, for posting that.  Yes, Qadi 'Abd al-Mahdi
Jamal ibn Hakim fought today for Contessa Valeria Richila Navarro.  They
left the field as the new Prince and Princess of Ansteorra, or Nasi and
and Principessa in the appropriate languages.  Their Highnesses will let
us know shortly if they will be attending Protectorate, after they have
had a couple of days to make plans with Their Majesties.

The rain was fierce all Friday night, as well as some of the revelry.
But Saturday saw the showers stop, and the clouds began to break apart
by the time the list started.  There were some great moments of
chivalry, such as Duke Patrick Michael yielding his second round after
only one exchange. Earl Gunthar, having had his leg taken by Syr Owen
and being asked to yield, told Owen he could not yield but instead asked
Syr Owen to continue standing and not join him on the ground.  Sir
Jean-Paul was sang onto the field for the final round.  For more details
on these and many more, ask Lady Danielle for a good bardic account.

But I must say I was proud of our showing.  Unless I missed one at the
very beginning, I counted *four* fighters of Namron in the list.
Halldor, Brom, Black Barrett, and of course Syr Owen.  Syr Owen lasted
until just before the final round-robin. The other three were taken out
earlier by people who have set the Throne of Ansteorra before.  Not a
bad showing for the barony and for the quality of her fighters.

Baron Ulf

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