[Namron] Pop Meeting change of place

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 5 12:47:21 PDT 2005

Hi this is your Beloved Pooky,

I was thinkin again....

We (eg. someone else ) could put a SCA sign at the old location with a piece 
of paper that says CALL 206-1227
I could field the calls and give new directions
My phone is charged and that would catch those who show up un informed

I would just do it, but I haven't done MY sign making project yet.
Does someone have a sign that could put the paper on it and get it to 
Reeve's park tonight?
Or am I too deeply in " Pooky fix it mode ".

I see the Seneschal and Baron have offered phone contact previously. They 
will be occupied between 7:00 ish and 9:00 tonight and if they haven't 
called by now then this might be the only way to catch'em. It's not that I 
here everything, but someone allways tells ME " Oh I didn't hear, I missed 
it because.... ;^( "

I will answer, inform, and direct if the phone rings.


P.s. Seen the movie 'Brazil'?

Thomas the Seneschal wrote:
>The Populace meeting for the Barony of Namron will be at Andrew's  Park at 
>the indoor building at 7:30.  Please see the herald once you  arrive if you 
>have business before the populace so we may promptly  begin.

We asked that anyone who had no access to this list please call Lord
Thomas or ourselves to find out where the meeting will be.  But if you
know someone who doesn't read this mailing list, it would be great if
you could call them today and let them know.  This is the last meeting
before Protectorate.

Again, Populace Meeting is at the pavilion at Andrew's Park.  That is at
N. Webster Ave and W. Daws St, and is directly north of the Norman
Police Station and the Norman Public Library.  It is two blocks west of
the railroad tracks and three blocks north of Main.

Baron Ulf

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