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Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 7 08:56:31 PDT 2005

While food of any sort that fills one's tummy is
welcomed, I remember the days when an SCA Tavern owner
would never thinking of offering mundane hamburgers,
etc.  It was usually cheeses, breads and fruit to
munch on, stew for lunch and something a little more
for dinner.  If you couldn't afford feast, that's what
you ate.  Most Tavern keepers are good cooks.  Simple
fare that's easy to fix and travels well. It's knowing
how to season that makes the difference.

Oh, Well... I wax nostalgic.

In response to this:

I oft wax nostalgic too...

I reminisce about the odd / strange period foods once served (sometimes with 
MY help) at taverns in the days of yor(ge') when life was young and time 

These days I find MYself too busy or disorganized to coalesce the staff, 
implements and sundry to gitter-done. It's a failing and it's MY failing.

Until you and I find or create the time, like we used to with Mairin, I too 
will continue to be immensely thankful that the members of The Caravan of 
the Weeping Wolf have graciously agreed to allot their efforts to the well 
being and good cheer of our Barony.

I do believe it was last year when I was without coin of any realm. It was 
but their love for the Pooky that sustained ME and kept ME alive. I will 
always be grateful for their hospitality and their generosity.  I do not 
have a great memory for many things. I try to create the memories and that 
does get in the way of ME retaining the memories but I do remember them 
feeding Me when I was a pauper.  It was the best modern food,  I was happy 
it was modern food,  and I was very happy someone Loved ME that Day.

I too look forward to enjoying what will be provided and grateful for their 
efforts to share with us their time and love.


P.s. (I gots ME some cash this time)

Do your shopping and make your DREAM at Poppa Pookie's Plentifully 
Pleasurable emPorium!!!

Our Motto: "It's all about the Value of The~Love"

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