[Namron] SCA cooks.

Chass chass at allegiance.tv
Sat Oct 8 23:07:13 PDT 2005

Also at our camp we never turn away hungry people Pookinator. While at my 
camp ye can be feed and drink as well :) and you know you are always more 
than welcome. Sorry we missed Protectorate this year but My dad found a way 
to get me into the deer woods. So next event I will have Venison stew and 
fresh roasted wild boar lol.

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> Beloved Pooky,
> That is one thing true of our SCA family.  If your
> purse and tummy are empty, you won't starve.  I, for
> one, am VERY grateful to those in our family who cook.
> Without a modern kitchen, I'm lost... but, then...
> even WITH a modern kitchen, I'm lost.  Those who can
> create a fantastic meal over little more than a
> firepit, are gods and goddesses.
> Etienett

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