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The feast was an experience of a life time.Getting
all the things done and working with others who have
the knowlwdge of this activity is the way to do it.
My Greatest thanks to Lord Owen [and his
recipes,knowledge of cooking.
The wonderful Lady Anais thank you for organizing the
serving, you skill in this area is great and will
become known to others.
Lady Annabelle the wonderful baker in the Barony of
Namron, thank you so very much.
Laddy the ranger on site had all stoves and equip.
working thank you .
Too all who voluntered and helped thank you.
To Ara, Bjorn,Heidi, the work you did was invaluable
to the feast you made my work and others an eaiser
task , Thank you.
To the populace who came and ate this meal, thank you
for your words of praise.
To the Baron And Baroness,Allon and Maro[not spelled
right]thank you for allowing me to do this service for
you and others.
Now all of that is said" who in their right mind
What a wonderful event it was didn't see much after
smoking for 12 hours on friday, and 19 hours in the
kitchen on Sat. A very tired feastocrate went home and
enjoyed a good night sleep in his own bed.
Once again thank you all.

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