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John Hurst jhurstsca at cableone.net
Fri Oct 14 17:15:47 PDT 2005

Well, Cabelas has venison, buffalo and antelope as well as wild boar and 
elk, but I still don't really like their pricing.   No, they don't seem to 
have alligator, but I HAVE seen that at Wally World on occasion, though not 
often.  Amongst the frog legs, shark steaks  and mahi mahi fillets.
             Ewen MacG.

At 02:14 PM 10/14/2005, you wrote:

>With all of the interesting alternative meat choices, I am supprised that 
>noone has said where to get deer. so where can i find deer??? or 
>buffalo??? mmmm yummy :-)
>In Loving Service to the Dream
>Lady Maura Mag Fhionnain

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."
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