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Oh man I almost forgot Hebert's out on Lewis, past oru in Tulsa. They have lots of exotics.
Ldy Susannah

variglog at sbcglobal.net wrote:
Fried or grilled and seasoned alligator (and the meat comes from the tail)
makes an outstanding appetizer, and is usually found in better Cajun

Now, for the typical Medieval European, encountering a gator or croc
(crickey, she's a beauty!) is probably the last thing he or she needs to
worry about, but I cannot help but wonder if specimens of large lizards were
regularly imported from the Nile region, especially during the Renaissance
when trade routes were becoming well established. The dragon lives!

A snake encounter, on the other hand, would be very possible for those
living on the Continent or in England. And if a good cook encountered a
large enough snake, snake may very well have found his way into the stew

Could make some interesting feast menu possibilities...

And as I look at my pet Nile Monitor, she's giving me that very stern "don't
you even think about it!" look as she recoils her tail


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> Well, Cabelas has venison, buffalo and antelope as well as wild boar and
> elk, but I still don't really like their pricing. No, they don't seem to
> have alligator, but I HAVE seen that at Wally World on occasion, though
> often. Amongst the frog legs, shark steaks and mahi mahi fillets.
> Ewen MacG.

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