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Mon Oct 17 22:56:12 PDT 2005

Ahh before breaking my back I happened to love Boar hunting with my spear. 
Now I am planning on doing it Lance style from the chair muhahahah. We 
roasted a couple Boars for our cantons event once..... there was no left 
overs.  I do think wild meat tastes better. Mayhaps steroids and medications 
tamper with the taste.... food for thought eh?

Charinthalis Del Sans of the Portable Chariot
Muddeler of Mead, Ailement of Ale and whiner of Wine
In the name of a new batch "Here Try This"

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> Lady Samarrah wrote:
>> we hunt deer on our place every year.  I've even
>> suggested we have a hunt and grill for the group one
>> evening at our place.
> I like the idea, but I must admit my main weapon to hunt with is a fork,
> and the only game that fights back are brats plumped to the point of
> bursting.  Hardly the stuff of epic poetry.  Lacking skill in hunting
> and dressing game, the only thing I could offer would be the use of my
> grill.
> Ulf
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