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Anyone, other than me, like escargot or sardines? :-)

I remember reading somewhere, that a visitor from the
Continent to England, (a diplomat, I think) was amazed
at how much meat the English ate, even the peasants.


--- John Hurst <jhurstsca at cableone.net> wrote:

> And in the middle ages most people ate little meat
> at all, and mostly beef, 
> pork and venison.  Still very limited, just limited
> to different 
> meats.  Not all that many people had a great
> opportunity to sample anything 
> that wasn't local grown, and what they did get
> wasn''t always at its best, 
> since they had no way to store it.  As far as who
> has eaten those wild 
> varieties these days, maybe its the circles I have
> always travelled in, but 
> I had eaten venison, wild boar, bear, elk, pheasant
> and quail long before 
> the SCA was even started, and no, I don't hunt nor
> did any in my immediate 
> family, but there were always lots of hunters around
> who were willing to 
> share.  I guess its a matter of attitude, modern
> diet leads you to EXPECT a 
> large variety of different foods, and opportunity to
> taste different foods, 
> medieval society led you to expect to eat pretty
> much the same diet every 
> day, with occasional festivals where different
> things were prepared.
>                        Ewen MacG.
> At 05:21 PM 10/16/2005, you wrote:
> >Ok, I was thinking of the variety of meats we eat.
> >Yes, fruits and veggies, etc. are available in
> greater
> >variety due to import and cross-country transport.
> >But the meats we eat are limited.  Beef, chiken,
> pork,
> >turkey... for the most part.  Where are all the
> other
> >possibilities?  How many people in our mundane
> world
> >today have eaten squirrel, peacock, and a myriad of
> >other critters running and flying around in the
> woods
> >and on the plains?  Now, that is not to say all
> >critters are tasty to eat.
> >
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