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ahh,  into my area of study...
Archaeological studies show that with in a short time,
hard water deposits would coat the interiors of the lead
pipes and prevent the lead leeching into the drinking,
cooking and bathing water.  Some bronze and brass
patera and pots used for cooking may have introduced
more harmful minerals into the diet, and various fumes
from industrial applications usually near or coexistant with
lower class dwellings also caused arsenic, lead, mercury, and
several other items we know as poisons to be introduced
in harmful levels.

Caius Fabius

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>On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 11:41:14AM -0700, Lee McGoodwin wrote:
> > Yes, Rome was very advanced.  However, those water
> > pipes were made with lead.... Oops!  One of many
> > factors that contributed to it's downfall.
> > (information learned while visiting in Sir Cameranius
> > and Lady Haldona's Roman wagon(traveling house) many,
> > many years ago)
>That may have been a contributing factor, but it is dead (pardon the
>term) certain that the use of lead acetate as a sweetener was a major
>contributing factor as well.
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