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Now give me a can of sardines, especially the ones in hot sauce, a few
crackers and I'm good to go.  The cat doesn't stand a chance, maybe just a
few remaining drops of juice.


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> On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 11:11:40AM -0700, Lee McGoodwin wrote:
> > Anyone, other than me, like escargot or sardines? :-)
> >
> > I remember reading somewhere, that a visitor from the
> > Continent to England, (a diplomat, I think) was amazed
> > at how much meat the English ate, even the peasants.
> Yes to both, although sardines in moderation. I _really_ like sashimi,
> ceviche, and various forms of pickled herring.
> As to how much meat the English ate, I've read that the Scandinavians,
> around 1000 AD, distinguished between ordinary meals and meals with
> meat, which supports that diplomat's observation, allowing for the
> different era.
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