[Namron] would someone please shot me now?

Radei Drchevich radei at moscowmail.com
Tue Oct 25 10:46:59 PDT 2005

May I rant ?

I have had a terrible fortnight and need to went.

On the way to Namron populas I blew the Alternater in the car less than
half way there<Konowa>. finally got it back friday $345.16  tried to walk
home because I couldn't get ahold of anyone to come get me<20 miles home,
I walked over 5 and someone offered me a ride>.  Overdid bigtime.  all
day sat and sun in bed.

Last night<monday>.  I have an electrical fire in the cieling over my
bedroom.  Was a minor fire, but the fire dept was like the proverbial
"Bull in a Chinashop".  they broke everything they touched.  tore the
attic vent off the south side of the house, even though I told them the
attic has a wall dividing north from south.  so that was just distruction
for no purpose.  At sundown and not 1 of the 5 firemen on 2 trucks had a
single flashlight. 

It ended up they tore the entire ceiling out in my bedroom, so my bed,
computers, personal archives<30 years work>, and my reference library are
under 6" of debris and 1000 gallons of water.  Since it was an electrical
fire, Public Service turned off the power to the whole house.  So I have
no way to power cleanup equiptment to try and get the water up before it
distroyes the floor.  And the phone is off-line<do not know why>.  so I
can't even call to get an electrician that I need to get the curcuit
replaced so I can get the electric turned back on.  Of course I can
afford to get an electrician before my Social Security Disability check
comes on the 3rd.

I am sorry to put this out, but I just need to say it.  I don't know what
else to do.

Flame off

thanks for listening



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