[Namron] would someone please shot me now?

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Tue Oct 25 13:15:54 PDT 2005

After all of that you are entitled to rant. Holy Crap!


> May I rant ?
> I have had a terrible fortnight and need to went.
> On the way to Namron populas I blew the Alternater in the car less than
> half way there<Konowa>. finally got it back friday $345.16  tried to walk
> home because I couldn't get ahold of anyone to come get me<20 miles 
> I walked over 5 and someone offered me a ride>.  Overdid bigtime.  all
> day sat and sun in bed.
> Last night<monday>.  I have an electrical fire in the cieling over my
> bedroom.  Was a minor fire, but the fire dept was like the proverbial
> "Bull in a Chinashop".  they broke everything they touched.  tore the
> attic vent off the south side of the house, even though I told them the
> attic has a wall dividing north from south.  so that was just distruction
> for no purpose.  At sundown and not 1 of the 5 firemen on 2 trucks had a
> single flashlight. 
> It ended up they tore the entire ceiling out in my bedroom, so my bed,
> computers, personal archives<30 years work>, and my reference library 
> under 6" of debris and 1000 gallons of water.  Since it was an electrical
> fire, Public Service turned off the power to the whole house.  So I have
> no way to power cleanup equiptment to try and get the water up before it
> distroyes the floor.  And the phone is off-line<do not know why>.  so I
> can't even call to get an electrician that I need to get the curcuit
> replaced so I can get the electric turned back on.  Of course I can
> afford to get an electrician before my Social Security Disability check
> comes on the 3rd.
> I am sorry to put this out, but I just need to say it.  I don't know what
> else to do.
> Flame off
> thanks for listening
> joy
> radei
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