[Namron] Bjornsstead Bonfire

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Tue Oct 25 13:25:18 PDT 2005

Fridays are good for me.... that's my "Sat.".


--- Samarrah bint Annaan
<samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Alas, I must once again change the date of the
> Bjornsstead bonfire.  The 12th of November is no
> good
> as that is another evening in which my beloved
> daughter is to be flung towards the ceiling to
> perform
> aerobatic, death defying maneuvers to encourage a
> band
> of merry men in shorts to toss balls into baskets.
> Friday the 11th anyone?  Other than that we'd
> probably
> have to push it to December...perhaps the weekend of
> the 10th in honor of Michaella's 20th birthday!
> I await your decision, 
> Samarrah
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> Wilhelmson, The Iron Bear of Bjornsstead</div>
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> you on every hill.</div> <DIV>Spirit be with you in
> every stream, headland, ridge and
> law,</div><DIV>each sea and land, each moor and
> meadow, lying down and rising up,</div> <DIV>in the
> trough of the waves or on the crest of the
> billow.</div><DIV> Each step of the journey you go,
> go with God.</div>
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