[Namron] would someone please shot me now?

Radei Drchevich radei at moscowmail.com
Wed Oct 26 13:40:47 PDT 2005

Well, Sammy.  that is where I messed up bigtime.  I let the insurance
laps.  had a problem with a mailed payment not arriving, and I was
suppost to go over and get things settled with my agent, and I didn't get
there in time.

So, no insurance.  Repair should be retively inexpensive.  Damage is
contained to the drywall and <being an old house there is lath between
the drywall and the attic>lath.  A very small amount of wall damage,
about 2 - 1 ft squares of wall is damaged.  most of the damage is water
and the fireman tore the cieling down. shout only take a few sheets of
drywall and maybe plywood to get it back to structure. 

Luckily no Structural Damage,  But that is only because I was under the
fire, on my computer when it started and got it right away. 

Could have been a lot worse, knock on wood.  Just SO MUCH mess to clean
up and I can't keep up as it is<g>.

First thing I need to do is figure out how to get the electric turned
back on.  Since it was an electric fire, they cut the feed lines.  I have
no electricity, no phone, no cable, no gas, so is like the 10th

Unfortunately a good portion of my meds go wet too.  I am doing ok, but
have to ration pain pills.

thank you for the concern.  I do appreciate



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  Have you contacted your insurance agent? You need to
  have a claim started right away.

  --- Radei Drchevich wrote:

  > May I rant ?
  > I have had a terrible fortnight and need to went.
  > On the way to Namron populas I blew the Alternater
  > in the car less than
  > half way there. finally got it back friday
  > $345.16 tried to walk
  > home because I couldn't get ahold of anyone to come
  > get me<20 miles home,
  > I walked over 5 and someone offered me a ride>. Overdid bigtime.
  > day sat and sun in bed.
  > Last night. I have an electrical fire in
  > the cieling over my
  > bedroom. Was a minor fire, but the fire dept was
  > like the proverbial
  > "Bull in a Chinashop". they broke everything they
  > touched. tore the
  > attic vent off the south side of the house, even
  > though I told them the
  > attic has a wall dividing north from south. so that
  > was just distruction
  > for no purpose. At sundown and not 1 of the 5
  > firemen on 2 trucks had a
  > single flashlight. It ended up they tore the entire ceiling out in
  > bedroom, so my bed,
  > computers, personal archives<30 years work>, and my
  > reference library are
  > under 6" of debris and 1000 gallons of water. Since
  > it was an electrical
  > fire, Public Service turned off the power to the
  > whole house. So I have
  > no way to power cleanup equiptment to try and get
  > the water up before it
  > distroyes the floor. And the phone is off-line> not know why>. so I
  > can't even call to get an electrician that I need to
  > get the curcuit
  > replaced so I can get the electric turned back on. Of course I can
  > afford to get an electrician before my Social
  > Security Disability check
  > comes on the 3rd.
  > I am sorry to put this out, but I just need to say
  > it. I don't know what
  > else to do.
  > Flame off
  > thanks for listening
  > joy
  > radei
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