[Namron] Woodland Forest Festival--Last Minute Things

Kaitlynn Morgan kaitlynnmorgan at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 19:15:00 PDT 2005

We are coming close to the "final hour" before the festival and are scurring 
for a few last minute, but very important things.

  We need the whole get up- Gots, bottles (I have a couple), fruits, 
gatorade, pickles, ect...

Bake Sale:
  Don't forget the bake sale! Please contact Darius & Maeve about what they 

Potluck Hospitality
  I thought it would be nice if we could put together a hospitality snackbar 
pot luck for the people WORKING at the festival. Please let me know if you 
guys would like to do this and I will make there be a spot. I know this is 
all pretty short notice, but I know some of you just can't stay out of the 

If you think of anything else that may have slipped by, you know where to 
find me (in the nut house next to Charlie)!

~Lady Kaitlynn Morgan
  Incipient Canton of Skorragardr

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