[Namron] SCA Disaster relief

Karen Sullivan ksullivan6 at cox.net
Mon Sep 12 08:25:01 PDT 2005

Greetings ,
We have set up a supply run to Glen Abhan, the 1st shipment will be the 
25th of this month.
We can continue this weekly for as long as needed and have the supplies 
to send. You can bring donations to my house, or to Namrons populace 
meeting( if you bring it to populace remember I have a very small 
car).Also we need boxes I would like to have paper boxes ( the ones that 
copier paper comes in) it would make it easier to load for shipment.
The items they have been asking for are
bug spray
bug repellent
sun screen
sunburn remedies
non perishable food

Other items
first aid supplies 
dust masks
small toys and games for the kids

Suggestions for sanitation kits ( from Alina's item list for hygiene kits)
1. 2 combs (Not the kind with "tails")
2. Two tooth brushes
3. Toothpaste
4. Bar o' soap (no pump kinds)
5. trial size bottle o' any brand hand sanitizer
6. Small terry cloth towel
7. Wash rag (may substitute small container handywipes)
8. One shavin' razor
9. 4 Sanitary napkins or tampons (if you know the kit will go to a woman.)
10. One pair rubber gloves (be careful to say if they are latex for many 
folk are allergic to latex.)
10. Small or trial size bottle o' shampoo/cream rinse in one.

Ms. Alix

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