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We Have Not Lost
by Lord Colin of Tighan
Being A Story of the Kingdom
that was introduced in "Finding the Dream"(1)

The phone rang twice before the King picked up.  "Hello?"

Lord Seneschal's voice. "Your Majesty, I have gotten in touch with my
counterpart down where the storm hit. There is good news: it looks like
all of their people are alive and well."

The King took a deep breath. "That's good to hear! Now...what's the bad

Lord Seneschal told him.


Mommy was watching the news, a lump in her throat. Little Girl walked
in, carrying her Fox and Geese board and stones.


Mommy turned, "Yes, Little Girl? Are you OK?"

Little Girl held out her board. "I heard them say they lost everything. 
Do you think the Baron would be mad at me if I gave them my Fox and
Geese?  I have lots of toys, they don't have any now."

Mommy's vision grew blurry, and she hugged Little Girl fiercely. "The
Baron would be very, very proud of you." (2)


The Duke was on the phone as well. "We're glad you're OK! Yes, we were
all very worried about you.  Look...we have room for all of you. No, I
mean it!  You'd be so much better off up here for a while.  Don't worry
about that, we have it covered!  I'll come down and meet you, we can
come back up together.  Where shall we meet?"

The Duchess smiled sadly, and hefted her overnight bag.  "Ask what they
need right now, dear," she called. "We can pick it up on the way."  She
snapped her fingers. "GPS.  Where did we put that thing...no telling
what we'll find when we get there...."


Mistress Laurel brushed her hair out of her eyes for what seemed the
hundredth time as MiLord set another box on her sorting table.  "Thank
you, MiLord." She began sorting and packing once again.  Absently
putting her hand down on the next item in line, she nearly jumped out of
her skin.

"Excuse me!  I need another can opener, not a claymore!"

Squire piped up from his corner of the room. "I opened a can of Pork and
Beans with a claymore, once!"

Mistress Laurel gave him a Look.

"No, really! It was at Pennsic, just after the Woods Battle.  I was
*starving*, and all I had was this can of pork and beans, and no can
opener.  So, I grabbed the sword, and I--"

Mistress Laurel just laughed. "Yes, dear, I'm sure you did. Your
Excellency! Do you have an extra can opener in your stack over there?"

"Coming right up!"


Master Pelican was at the wheel of the huge pickup, hauling a trailer
full of supplies down to one of the Baronies that had been hardest hit. 
New Person was just stirring behind him, and Sir Knight was slumped
against the passenger door, snoring.  The three of them had taken turns
driving, determined to bring relief to their SCA brothers and sisters as
quickly as humanly possible.  When he reached the top of the hill, he
jerked, and then quickly pulled to the side of the road and stopped, his
hands clenching the wheel until his knuckles turned white.

"Oh, no...," New Person breathed from the cramped rear seat.  Master
Pelican just nodded, and then he reached over and gently shook his
fellow Peer awake.

"Huh? Wha--?"

"Sir Knight, I think you should see this."

Sir Knight rubbed the sleep from his eyes, then stared out the window at
the scene before them.  His jaw clenched, and his throat worked a few
times. Finally, he found his voice.

"Well, gentlemen.  We seem to have found the right place.  Let's get


Court was a solemn affair that weekend.  The people took their seats
without the usual cheerful banter, and even Herald's voice was quieter
than normal as he called for the populace to rise and make way.

Once the people were given leave to sit, the King stood. His eyes full
of tears, he addressed the room.

"So much has been lost.  Homes, possessions, jobs.  Our family has lost
no lives, but other families are not so blessed this day.  We have lost
so very, very much.  But there is one thing that I see we have not lost,
and for that, I am thankful to you all."

"We have not lost the Dream."

--September 11, 2005. (3)

(1) This story is another in what I sometimes call my "MiLord" stories,
which started with "Finding the Dream".  Others include "The Tale of the
Knight's Boots" and "The Baron". They are set in a fictional world, in a
fictional Kingdom of the SCA--and I hasten to point out, this story
deals with a fictional Disaster, but I am sure you know what inspired
me.  The style of the stories is somewhat inspired by "EveryMan"--which
I read far too many years ago. I may write more--or not. I am but the
servant of a fickle Muse. She's been bothering me about this one for
most of a week now--I fear I have been ignoring her.

(2) We have never met the Baron, and we never will. He passed away
shortly before the events chronicled in the story named for him.  The
Fox and Geese game had been a gift from him to Little Girl.

(3) I dedicate this story to everyone in the SCA who stepped up and
said, "I want to help" in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Thank
you.  You are the Dream.
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