[Namron] RE: SCA disaster relief kits

Nancy Peay npeay at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 19 15:48:19 PDT 2005

Just thought I'd mention this to everyone:  the Dollar Tree store at 12th 
and Alameda has some of these items (or reasonable facsimiles) for $1 each.  
Could help your relief dollars go a bit farther.


>Our fellow SACdians need our help, just a small effort by each of us could 
>make a world of difference to them. We will be putting together cleaning 
>kits at my house on Fri. the 23rd of Sept. Please get as many of the 
>following items that you can and bring them to my house (4816 W Tecumseh, 
>Norman) or to Namron's populace meeting.
>I have also included a general price for each of the items (i.e.,
>Albertsons, Wal-Mart,Sam's Club,and Atwoods)
>sponges  (4 pk)		$2
>bleach  (2.8 qt)	$1.19 to $ 1.57
>lysol (concentrate)	$5
>pinesol			$3 to $5
>trash bags (heavy duty) $5 to $7 (Sam's (16 rolls) $15)
>scotch brite (3 pk) 	$2 to $3 (Sams (18 pk) $6.17)
>rubber gloves (dishes)	$.94 to $3
>buckets (10 qt)		$.93 and up
>paper towels (2 pk)	$2 (Sam's (30 rolls) $19.36)
>amonia                  $.97
>mop				$3 and up
>work gloves (leather, etc.)	$1.98 and up
>face masks (5 pk)		$.88
>shop towels (cloth, 10pk)	$2.77 (Sam's (48 pk) $12.88)
>shop towels (paper, 1 roll)	$1.77 (Sams (12 rolls) $15.86)
>bug spray			$4
>bug repellent			$4 and up
>Ms Alix Tiberga
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