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There will be a Cannon-Firing Demo next year... maybe I can get some people 
to bring Siege engines out and do a combined demo... Just a thought.

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>I wanted to give you my take on the festival.....
>I live in Oklahoma City and I never saw any advertisments for the festival. 
>I just happened to have called an old friend of mine from the Canton and 
>asked to attend.  I was only aware of the festival through word of mouth 
>would have missed it if I hadn't made that one fateful phone call.
>  It was described to me to be a quaint little festival, much like the one 
>Norman that comes in the spring, but much smaller. I was pleasantly 
>that it was bigger than I had imagined for only being the second festival 
>it was in a lovely park. The center stage was perfect for the crowd to view
>the dancing and revelry that took place. The entertainment chosen for the 
>show was really enjoyable.
>The bathrooms seemed sufficient for the amount of people that were there 
>year, however, if the festival grows much more, and I feel that it will. 
>will need more bathrooms especially if you have more vendors on site.The
>bathrooms were hard to find this year, I wasnt the only one who almost used 
>bathroom at the pool house..(yuck)
>I think that if there were more food vendors to choose from, then the
>visitors would stay longer, some people are drawn to festivals and 
>carnivals because
>of the food first and foremost...then they warm up to the things they are 
>familiar with such as the reinactment that we are promoting.
>I think the vendors that were there were great, lots of variety, people 
>that. The bake sale was a nice touch. The bake sale food was good to eat 
>there was plenty of it. it was also quite a bargain for carnival food.
>I think that all pavilions that are SCA related should have flyers 
>to hand out to people who ask about the festival. I was at a selling vendor
>pavillion and many town folk would wander over to ask about the festival. 
>hard to sum up the SCA in the few moments that a mildly curious mundane 
>give you to explain.
>Other nice things i would have like to have seen ........ jugglers, fire
>eaters, acrobats, more musicians, a seige engine display, a blacksmith 
>display, a
>rapier demo, and a courtly dance demo.
>The information and hospitality booths are essential, you can be the soul
>invitation for a new SCA player. Most new players find there way to the SCA
>through the Norman Medieval Faire. Without greetings and warm welcome at 
>information and hospitality booths, you will miss a lot of opportunity for 
>population growth.
>I dont know if the Canton can handle the organization of the festival as it
>grows, but this year it was beautiful and impressive. I feel sad for those 
>were unable to attend. It truely held the essence that a true medeival
>festival should have, you could feel the love of "the dream" in the 

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