[Namron] Needing advice on what Paint to use for outdoorbanner....

Grimmie ldgrimhun at cox.net
Wed Sep 21 04:59:14 PDT 2005

Paint a solid diluted laytex base coat to seal the fabric then the detail cote.
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  Well, unfortunatly it turns out that with the exterior paint, it tends to feather out onto the fabric, so the lines are not clean.  I have tried it with it cut 1:1, or just straight out of the can, but no luck with any combo.

  I think I'm going to take the suggestions of Zubeydah and Baroness Margarite on their ideas of applique.  Honestly, it's what I wanted to do anyway, but I thought the painting would be cheaper, fasther, and easier.  (Boy was I wrong!)

  But I do thank all of you for your suggestions!  I really appreciate the helping hands!

  Aelesia Of Warwick


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