[Namron] FW: [BULK] - [Ansteorra-announce] Request for help with horses an d Rita

Chris Melton CMelton at POTAWATOMI.ORG
Wed Sep 21 08:35:13 PDT 2005

Passing along information just in case someone can help this lady

In Service
Lady maeve

Don Aeron Harper asked me to forward this to the Ansteorran list.  If
anyone can help, please contact the lady below.

Thanks and everyone be safe,
In service,
Don Avery Shaw
Illic est haud cuspis causa per a stolidus asinus.

> I have a friend in Houston who has a horse in Pearland. She needs
> someone  who has a way to move horses to contact her. Can you forward
> the info to  sone lists?
> Cindy Clayton
> 713-203-2118

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