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unfortunatley Lady Isobel,until it IS recognized by our  titular 
heads,applying the name of our kingdom is not something you should do,if for 
  no other reason,than it implies a official kingdom position.that would be 
like me saying i am head of the kingdom's mad jesters guild,the Ansteorran 
insane court clowns society,or some such.i,for one,would be very very 
careful about  using the word Ansteorra in ANY title or name that isnt 
expressly permitted,in writing,in triplicate,by Their Royal Majesties.

>From: Isobel de Kirkbryde <kirkbryde at yahoo.com>
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>Subject: [Namron] Guild of Camillus de Lellis
>Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 20:40:14 -0700 (PDT)
>Thank you so much for asking.  That gives me the
>perfect opportunity to explain who we are and what our
>goal is.
>The Guild of St. Camillus de Lellis is for persons
>with chronic illness and/or pain and their loved ones.
>  The idea behind it is to support one another and
>educate those who aren't afflicted as to how they can
>assist those of us who are to allow us to more fully
>participate in SCA events.  Namron has been wonderful
>about dealing with people who aren't 19, 100% healthy,
>and ready to rock-n-roll.  But, that has apparently
>not been the case everywhere in the SCA.  We are
>fortunate to have a wonderful Baron and Baroness who
>have not only taken people under their wings, but have
>accepted 3 service dogs that I am aware of - Dagmar's,
>mine, and Carl's seizure alert dog.
>My "position" was bestowed upon me by the Charter
>members of the group.  It is being started in Caid and
>we are working toward it becoming an Inter-Kingdom
>group.  We have members all across the states and some
>from other countries as well.  A Guild Charter is in
>the works for presentation to TRMs for recognition of
>the Guild in as many kingdoms as possible.  We are
>hoping (barring being washed away by hurricanes and
>the like) to have the charter presented in several
>kingdoms at approximately the same time.
>As Kingdom Guild Mistress, it is my job to locate
>House Masters/Mistresses for each local group to
>facilitate coordination, education, and support.  So
>far I have two House Mistresses - one in Bryn Gwlad
>and one in Loch Soilleir.  I also hope to present the
>charter to TRMs as soon as the Guild has completed and
>signed off on it.
>No, I'm not a household of one, but we have not YET
>been recognized as an interkingdom guild.  We are
>frantically working on that.  Certainly anyone who is
>interested in joining the guild need only contact me.
>There is an electronic mailing list for vast moral
>support and education.
>Again, thanks for giving me the opportunity to
>explain.  I guess, the best simple answer is I did it
>again -- volunteered to do something I think will help
>the SCA to expand and be more fun for more people.
>--- William Herron <fitzbubba at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > > Isobel de Kirkbryde
> > > Deputy Hospitaler, Barony of Namron
> > > Guild of St. Camillus de Lellis, Guild Mistress
> > for the Kingdom of
> > > Ansteorra
> >
> >  So, educate me. What is the Guild of St. Camillus
> > de Lellis? And when you
> > say that you are the Guild Mistress for the Kingdom
> > of Ansteorra, is that
> > some sort of warranted position that Their Royal
> > Majes sign off on? Or is
> > that like when I say that I am the Society-wide
> > titular head of House
> > Fitzbubba, a household of one?
> >  Bubba
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