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Huggels  Pookey hiya hun how are ya?

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> Hi yes, Hello.
> (Pooky raises his paw to about 9 feet high)
> Yes hi,
> I was wondering what the admission criteria for joining the Guild of
> Camillus de Lellis would be?
> Does one have to have a medically documented condition?
> If so would it have to be physical, emotional, or mental? or do we
> delineate?
> Can someone become a member to better be in touch with a group of people
> which one might be helpful?
> Are family members or those who love someone or have loved someone allowed
> to participate? Sort of in an emotional support group kinda setting?
> After I find out more about the criteria I would probably be interested in
> joining.  I am having trouble muddling through the posts and multiple
> attached reposts to find the mission statement which I am sure was
> entered somewhere in this maelstrom.
> Whomever it was that started this with a loving impetus, Please contact
> Maybe privately,if that would be appropriate.
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