[Namron] Guilding (not gelding)

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 27 07:31:09 PDT 2005

Huggels  Pookey hiya hun how are ya?


In response to this:

Missin you brother!  I have a chain mailing / jewelry task for ya when I see 
I awoke this morning and remembered I too have (at least 1) affliction: 
Bell's A-1 Brackydactyly.  in 6 words or less, it's a Neandolithic version 
of Dwarfism. WooHoo!
There's also MY social and language failings, a mental break from reality 
exhibited by MY proclivity to incorporate MY resources with such great 
propensity to the SCA. Sleep apnea induced oxygen deprivation of the mind. 
umm I'm sure I could dwell and create quite the list. I choose to do what I 
can with what I got and be mindful of MY intent to display Lovingness 
towards the world around ME.

You goin to crown brother?

Pook of Lamoncha

P.s. Be it a windmill or a giant, in either case, we need not skewer it with 
a lance. It too might be Dreaming.

Do your shopping and make your DREAM at Poppa Pookie's Plentifully 
Pleasurable emPorium!!!

Our Motto: "It's all about the Value of The~Love"

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