[Namron] RE: As a person who happens to have a disability......

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 27 10:14:23 PDT 2005

  Let me chime in here, as another disabled society
member. I concur with the lady, many of us are quite
capableof finding our own assistance, and do NOT need
some heavy-handed attack to browbeat this socirty into
"compliance with ADA standards".
  Those who are want to whip out the ADA as a fix-all
weapon, generally ignore the "reasonable accomodation"
point in the ADA.
  This is typical of the "proffessional victim"
mentality , as I like to call it.
  I choose NOT to be a victim,  can solve most of my
own problems myself. Those I cannot solve, I can find
the help I need among my family and friends. 
  I save my lawyers for things that need their
attention, not every little annoyance that comes my
  At this point I see this "guild" as an attempt to
bully the SCA into catering to the disabled in the
  If the founders of this group take offense at my
very blunt opposition to their aims, oh, well.
  If, however, I am mistaken as to their aim and
motives, I suggest they work to clarify their
messages, because my response was geared to what I
read, analyzed and deduced from their posts on this
  Capt. Rob Haddock

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