[Namron] Clarification of intentions

Matthias the Brewer matthiasthebrewer at cox.net
Tue Sep 27 16:36:02 PDT 2005

If I may point something out.

In the oh-so-glorious middle ages, most of us would already be dead.  Anyone
with significant handicaps would be completely dependant upon their families
to have a life outside of a gutter.  Personally, I have a few physical
issues (which about 3 people in the SCA know about) that would have caused
an early demise for me.  Infant mortality was very high.  Those were the
days before educated doctors, anti-biotics, indoor FLUSHING toilets, and
treatments for athlete's foot (which by the way, still doesn't have a
solution).  And anyone asking about my issues will be told to go chase
butterflies (or something a lot less polite).

Some people did survive their physical limitations.  But they were the
exception, rather than the rule.  And they generally required a lot of help
to do anything more than sit and drool.

Did anyone happen to notice when Darwin died?  He was butchered when modern
medicine advanced to "modern" levels.

We are now blessed with much longer life spans.  And there are a number
negatives that go with it.  Generally, our bodies never had a chance to wear
out, as we tended to die long before that happened.  There was NEVER an
option for Barat having his knees replaced.

I'd like to see all of us improve our quality of life.  To live.  To enjoy.
To experience what some of us have never slowed down enough to see.  I've
seen a LOT of sunsets in my day.  But the most beautiful have been in the
last few years since I joined the SCA.  I have a friend who has me
conditioned to not talk about work (ok, not as much) at events.  Smacks to
the head work great for negative reinforcement.  I now enjoy sunrises as
well.  I've learned to treasure the sun rising through the trees (as long as
I can ignore the groans of pain from people waking up to their hangovers),
and walk through early morning dew and delight in the smell of the morning.
Most of you have not seen this side of me, and some of you never will.  But
it's the side of me I enjoy most.

None of this would have happened had I lived in the middle ages.

I guess my point is to figure out how you can enjoy life, and then do it.
Quit worrying about who will help you, and just ask someone close by.  I
don't recall ever saying no to someone who asked for help.  And if someone
does or says something rude and belittleing to you for asking, let me know.
I'll have my friends Guido and Nunzio "talk" to them about it.

Quit fighting guys.  You're missing the sunset.


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Capt. Rob,

Thank you for being so straight forward.  I belive you
are indeed mistaken as to our aims and motives.  I
think some of the posts of people who are interested
in the guild are being confused with those of us who
are working on the formation of the guild.  It appears
there is a misunderstanding as to the intentions of
this Guild.  And, no, I'm not offended in the
slightest by your need for clarification.

No, the Guild does NOT intend to use the ADA as a club
to force compliance to anything.  The guild is not and
will not be an avenue for recourse for those who feel
they have been wronged by inappropriate accomodations.
 There are already administrative avenues for those

The idea of the Guild was to offer support to one
another and to support each individual in educating
others about what he/she needed to be able to play
more freely in the SCA.  We intend to brow-beat no
one.  We intend to bully no one.  We intend to offer
support and educate one another on things that have
been successful at helping one play in the SCA.

For example:  Right now on the e-list for the guild
they are discussing potty chairs -- what types of
sanitation was available during period?  How could a
person make something that would at least appear
period to use for a middle of the night necessary
moment?  How can they not only take care of the
emergent need, but proper disposal?

This is very "educational" to me, but no one is
bullying anyone with anything.  It's more about "Gee,
I can't figure out how to do this.  Has anyone else
done X with success?  If so, what did you do?  How did
it work?

We are not trying to be victims, but instead trying to
find creative ways to get around some of the
challenges handed to us and to do so in ways that fit
the theme, demeanor, and nature of the SCA.  No
victims.  No victimization.  Just support, creative
brainstorming for solving problems, and the strength
to tell others to go fly a kite when we need to.

Isobel de Kirkbryde
Deputy Hospitaler, Barony of Namron
Guild of St. Camillus de Lellis

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